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Hello from LAPIUS

Thanks for visiting our online shop, LAPIUS!

We are LAPIUS come from Luna Pius in Latin which means Holy Moon.

Our logo was created with the image of the moon with lapis color and golden energy going up to the sky.

Blessing of nature is our concept and message to all since we believe in the power of nature. We care about the energy of the moon, stars and the earth. We take part in a biodynamic system as much as we can and hope that our products will help you connect with nature.

We are very grateful if you connect with us through our products.

Thank you!



LAPIUSとは、ラテン語のLuna Piusからきており、 Holy Moon(聖なる月)という意味です。


地球と宇宙がつながって、blessing of nature (自然の恵み)をうけながら、わたしたちがここにいる。

LAPIUS のアイテムたちを通して、つながっていただけたら嬉しいです。



Live Your Colour Inc.